New Members

Are you an undergraduate at UMass interested in computing?

Do you want to makeĀ professional connections that couldĀ open up exciting new career opportunities?

Do you like to have fun?

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If you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact us at


Current Members

First NameLast Name
Shiri Dori-Hacohen
Shivangi Singh
Shivank Doshi
Shubham Mehta
Shuyang Wang
Siddharth Parasnis
Siddhartha Bhatia
Stephen Ulich
steve dignam
steven tate
steven lambrou
Steven Yean
Susan Kim
Sushant Shashikant Rao
Susie Kim
Syed Ali
T.J. Wilder
Tahseen Rahman
Tanaya Asnani
Thiago Teixeira
Tianyi Shan
Tim Liew
Tom Aulenback
Trent Kindvall
Tri Nguyen
Ty-Lucas Kelley
Varan Culanathan
Varun Sharma
Vincent Lee
Vincent Tran
Vishnu Chaitanya Karpuram
Wenbo Xie
Wesley Tian
William Toohey
William Gerraughty
Xi Kun Zou
Xin Liu
Yamaan Ziade
YoungKyun Lee
Zhuotao Huang