Start an Interest Group


  • Resume builder
    • Recognition
    • Leadership role
    • Ownership
  • Networking – Connect with companies directly
  • Funding for events for your group
  • Influence direction of ACM
  • Support from ACM officers in navigating confusing administrative obstacles



Basic Responsibilities for all Interest Groups

  • Attend weekly officer meetings
  • Communicate regularly with ACM officers about group activities
  • Write blurb about meetings — what was discussed, how many people attended, anything of note
  • Maintain social media presence (Facebook preferably) and regularly update your Interest Group’s page on the ACM website
  • Note: if Interest Group Leader is inactive for 2 weeks without notice and cannot be reached, the ACM Officers will attempt to replace them as the group’s leader in the interest of the group
  • Have at least 2 meetings per semester


Additional responsibilities for Interest Groups requiring funding

  • Interest Group Leaders need to submit a separate funding request for each idea or event that requires funding
  • The first 5 IGs that submit funding requests that include everything required before December 10th are guaranteed $200 for their proposed idea
  • Other IGs or additional funding requests will require getting funding through fundraising or sponsorship by coordinating with IAPs
  • Before requesting funding, advertise your idea and get a guest list of at least 10 people to sign up and confirm their interest. Include this list in your funding request.
  • Submit funding requests and guest lists here
  • Take pictures of your event to attach when posting blurb to website describing event


Submit Proposal for Interest Group

Interest Group Leader Information



Date of Graduation

Interest Group Information

Name of Interest Group

Description of Interest Group
How is it different than existing interest groups? What is your goal in creating this interest group?

How many active members do you anticipate growing to?
10-15? 20-25? 50-55?

What are some events or activities you plan to host this year for this group?
Give us an idea of what your meetings and/or events will consist of.

How many events do you anticipate having that require funding per year?
These include but are not limited to events that have food provided. Please see Funding FAQ for more info. Protip: Having no funded events is totally okay!

How can the ACM officers help you get started?
What questions do you have?

By signing [typing] my name, I agree that I have read and understand the responsibilities of interest group leaders and will uphold them to the best of my ability.
Sign with your full name.

Attach File with List of at least 5 Members
Recruit at least 5 people who are interested in your group for your proposal to be considered.