Request Interest Group Funding

Requests will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. You will be notified of the status of your funding request within a week of submitting it. If it is rejected, please contact the ACM Officers and we can help revise your request or provide insight into its rejection.


Submit Interest Group Funding Request

Your Name

Your Email

Interest Group Name

General description of event requiring funding (1-2 paragraphs)

Amount Requested

Budget - What funding will be used for specifically
Specify what the money will go towards, such as “pizza - $100, bus transportation for 15 people - $130, prizes for top three winners (with specific prizes listed) - $50, t-shirts for 30 attendees - $200,” etc.

Goals of event (preferably with deliverables)
What will come out of this event? What should attendees get out of it? What is the justification for having this event? A general interest meeting is not sufficient to warrant funding.

Number of anticipated attendees

External parties involved
Industrial affiliate members (e.g., Cisco, Google), other non-UMASS guest speakers. Specific individuals preferable vs. “Cisco Software Engineer”

Preferred space to hold event
CS150+151 for very large events (50+ attendees) only.

Three proposed dates & times for event
Ensure they do not conflict with general ACM events or CS Dept. events. Other interest groups can overlap. The more advanced notice given, the higher likelihood funding will be granted.

Attach file with list of at least 10 members who agree to attend