Current Interest Groups

Machine Learning

Come talk about machine learning, data mining, and related fields. We are a group interested in exploring the practical implications and theoretical underpinnings of machine learning. Participants of all skill levels are encouraged to attend our meetings and get involved!



Contact: Reno Sarge ( Corey Ruderman (  



The ACM-ICPC (Inner Collegiate Programming Competition) is an international, multi-tier programming contest where students from schools all around the world compete to solve challenging programming puzzles under time constraints. If you’re interested in honing your technical skills and learning more about problem solving using algorithms, ACM-ICPC is a great way to gain practical knowledge. We will be talking about all types of competitive programing and you do not need to commit to going to any particular one if you want to just come and learn.


Contact: Stefan Kussmaul (



Our purpose is to inform students about cybersecurity related topics and teach students useful skills in the cybersecurity field. We teach you how to do it, use it at your own risk.



Contact: Elitza Neytcheva  (


User Experience (UMass UX)

UMass UX is an ACM Interest Group for students interested in user experience. We host monthly events and bring in speakers to present about UX.



Contact: Sagar Arora (