Current Interest Groups

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Machine Learning

Come talk about machine learning, data mining, and related fields. We are a group interested in exploring the practical implications and theoretical underpinnings of machine learning. Participants of all skill levels are encouraged to attend our meetings and get involved!



Contact: Zachary Schaffer (


Our purpose is to inform students about cybersecurity related topics and teach students useful skills in the cybersecurity field. We teach you how to do it, use it at your own risk.



Contact: Annapurna Jagasia (


We are a group of students who train our cybersecurity skills through participation in competitions. We’ve competed in the annual Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition since 2017. We also take part in various CTFs each semester. Regardless of experience, anyone interested is encouraged to contact us.



Contact: Aaron Terentiev (

Video Game Development

The UMass Video Game Development Club is a place where students can network, learn about the process of developing games, and participate in events where they can make their own games. Participants of all skill levels are welcome, even if you’ve never made a game before!


Contact: Alexander Vukovic (

User Experience


Contact: Dhruv Vikram Krishna (