ACM-ICPC Resources

Below is a compilation of useful resources relating to problem sets, API references, and other useful links. If you are a member of the ACM-ICPC Interest Group, you are encouraged to take some time to look through this list of resources.

If you have a resource that you think would be a good addition to this list then please share it! Email us at with the information that you would like us to add.

ACM-ICPC Homepage

PC2 Team Guide


ACM-ICPC Kattis Problems

ACM-ICPC Live Archive

Northeast Regional Preliminary ACM Programming Competition at Western New England University

Mid-Atlantic Region ACM-ICPC Programming Competition

ACM-ICPC Regional Programming Competitions

Programming Problems

API References

Java Collections API Flowchart

Java Collections API Diagram

Java Collections Table

Java Programming CheatSheet

Top 20 Online Resources to Learn Java Programming Faster and better

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