Welcome to the homepage of the UMass ACM ACM-ICPC Interest Group!

We are a group of students who are interested in practicing for and competing in the ACM-ICPC Programming Competition and other competitive programming competitions!



Students from the University of Massachusetts Amherst compete annually in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC).

The ACM-ICPC is an international, multi-tier programming contest where students from schools all around the world compete to solve challenging programming puzzles under time constraints.

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We are always looking for new students to join us! Don’t worry if you have never competed in a programming competition before – it’s a blast!

If you want to join the ACM-ICPC Interest Group, then show up to one of our meetings, or send Professor Arjun Guha ( with the subject ACM-ICPC Interest Group, and we’ll get back to you with further details about joining!



For those of you who are members of the ACM-ICPC Interest Group, resources can be found here.