What is an Interest Group?

Interest Groups are smaller groups under the UMass ACM umbrella that focus on particular areas of interest related to computing. These groups can be large or small, informal or structured, whatever best suits the needs of the group. They also receive both support and resources from the overall UMass ACM ecosystem.

Interest Groups are the heart of the UMass ACM. They provide an avenue for students to pursue their passions by participating in student driven events and to explore new topics related to computing.

Want to start an Interest Group? Learn how here.

Why should I get involved?

Benefits of Starting an Interest Group

  • Resume builder
    • Recognition
    • Leadership role
    • Ownership
  • Networking – Connect with companies directly
  • Funding for events for your group
  • Influence direction of ACM
  • Support from ACM officers in navigating confusing administrative obstacles

Benefits of Joining an Interest Group

  • Connect with people with similar interests
  • Be part of a community
  • Be contributing member of your group

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in joining an Interest Group, then check out the existing interest groups listed below or on the Existing Interest Groups page. Feel free to show up at the specified time and location, or get in touch with the group’s Contact for more info.

You can also reach out to the respective contacts listed below if you have specific questions about a particular Interest Group or how to get involved.

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to attend Interest Group meetings.

How Can I Start an Interest Group?

If you are interested in starting an Interest Group, go to the Start an Interest Group page!

We encourage students to form interest groups relating to any computing topic that they find particularly interesting, whether it be UX design, machine learning, or computer vision! You don’t need to be an expert in the topic, just passionate enough to get people together to learn about, and explore different areas relevant to the topic.

Leading an Interest Group is a great opportunity to improve your leadership skills, network, and share your passions with other students!

Interest Group leaders will be expected to participate in UMass ACM Officer meetings in order to help coordinate among the Interest Groups, plan events, and discuss event budgeting.

Existing Interest Groups

Machine Learning



Video Game Development

    User Experience