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The chair of any student chapter is the student leader responsible for all chapter activities. This person normally presides at all meetings of the chapter and represents the chapter to the Association. However, all chapter members are encouraged to attend ACM meetings and become involved in the activities of the Association. Typically, the chair appoints all committees of the chapter.

Vice Chair

Jayme Gordon

The vice-chair assumes the duties of the chair in the event of the chair’s absence and fulfills those duties assigned by the chair. Typically, the vice chair is chair of the program committee, which is responsible for arranging speakers, socials, and other activities for the chapter. Since the vice chair’s duties can prove to be extensive, some chapters have chosen to create a separate office, the program chair, to be responsible for planning the various chapter activities.


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The secretary keeps the minutes of all chapter meetings; prepares the annual chapter activity report, which is presented to the chapter at the end of the program year–normally the meeting when newly elected officers formally assume their posts; and prepares reports to be sent to ACM headquarters as required. The secretary must also notify ACM Headquarters of changes in officers or sponsor of the chapter. Likewise, the secretary must send official notification to the ACM Chapter Coordinator of any proposed changes in the chapter’s bylaws for approval, prior to their distribution to the membership.


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The responsibilities of the treasurer include collecting dues and maintaining the financial and membership records of the chapter. The treasurer must also file the annual report of the chapter’s finances required by the Treasurer of ACM.

Faculty Sponsor

Professor Arjun Guha

The sponsor should assist, when necessary, with the programs and activities of the chapter to ensure adherence to the tenets of the Association, and to ensure responsible fiscal management of the chapter’s affairs. Hence, the characteristics of an effective sponsor are a sincere interest in the Student Chapter and sensitivity to the needs of the chapter and the chapter officers and membership.

Officer role descriptions were taken directly from acm.org.


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